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One of the luxurious and fastest mode of transportation in Maldives is Seaplane. This transfer option is widely used by Resort operators. The cost of seaplane transfer can be high, but the speed of travel and the aerial photos that you are able to take while flying could be worth the money you are paying for.

Seaplane flight operates during the day between 06:00 am to afternoon 04:00 pm

​Please contact us for a quotation

Please note that on top of the seaplane price, One-way inter-island transfer cost is US$100 per trip for the speedboat. This transfer is mandatory when booking seaplane.

Seaplane transfer needs to be booked in advance (minimum 3 days).

The seaplane departs from Velana International Airport and arrives to a nearby Resort (mostly it would be Nika Island Resort or Gangehi Island Resort) upon landing to resort, our speedboat will be there to pick the guest and escort to Ukulhas, the duration of this internal island transfer would be 5-10 minutes, depending on weather conditions. 

* The estimated duration of the seaplane transfer including the inter island speedboat transfer and Airport to Resort landing would be around 25 minutes. This may vary subject to weather conditions.

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