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Paguro Maldives offers to travelers not just excellent accommodation and food but also well organized activities full of adventures. We have an experienced team who have helped our guests to live through incredible experiences such as Manta Safari, Octopus Hunting, sunset fishing, snorkeling just to name few. Participating in activities will make your holidays more enjoyable and memorable. Therefore we recommend that you prepare for the ADVENTURE of your life!


To snorkel  with manta rays is a must if you come to Maldives. It is an unforgettable experience. They move through the water with such grace, gently soaring through the turquoise lagoons, over reefs bursting with life. It is truly a magical feeling to see these creatures fly through the water.

That's why we organize Manta trips and guide our guests to  manta ray spots. Fortunately the spots are not very far from Ukulhas.


Desert Islands !

The island of Mathiveri Finolhu is just 20 minutes away from Ukulhas. The island offers along beach with torques lagoon and colorful reef to snorkel. Spend a half day or a full day with picnic!


Sunset Fishing

Catch your own fish for dinner. We will cook for you the fish that you catch. Ukulhas is surrounded by rich fishing spots. So the chances of your success in catching fish is very high!


Our team of guides teach you the technics of catching octopuses. After the catch you enjoy your catch with your meal!


Join out team who will take you by speedboat to nearby fishing spot. Success is guaranteed and we cook your fish for your dinner

Lunch on deserted island

Take a full day excursion to deserted island and we serve lunch with barbecue


Barbecued fish


Our guests saying hello to friendly manta rays!

Sand Bank

Sand Bank is a mass of white sand emerging in the middle of sea. It has its own reef system for you to snorkel around.

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